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On-Demand membership includes prerecorded videos in a range of lengths, styles, and focuses as well as recordings of past live classes via Zoom.

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Resiliency in a time of Pandemic

Gather tools for facing the personal and global challenges arising from our times in this self-paced, audio workshop. In addition to four lessons on how to foster resiliency in your life, you will receive handouts and worksheets to put what you learned into action as well as audio meditations to cultivate gratitude, intention, and more. All of the materials are yours to keep.

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On-Demand Classes

Here you can try out our free offerings (some as quick as 5 minutes) as well as rent or purchase individual class videos ranging from 30-75 minutes.

birth and yoga

Prenatal recordings and On-demand Practice

This page is for those in the prenatal series to access recordings of our live classes and the downloadable half hour practice. Note that this is a private page and only those signed up for the series will be able to open it.

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