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Embrace Expansion ~ June

We often teach what we most need to know. Or, we receive signs, moving us in the direction we next need to move in. And so it is for me these days.

Last weekend I taught Reiki certification classes to some amazing women. They each brought strength, wisdom, and insight to our learning process. I always come away from these classes having learned so much from the participants, expanding my own experience of Reiki.

This got me thinking about expansion. It’s so easy for us to fall into a pattern of contracting. Zeroing in on tasks, our repetitive thoughts, our worries. We can be so focused on our usual routines, we may forget to look out to the further edge of the horizon, to let our vision expand.

Mid-week I attended a lovely Yoga Nidra session with Tara Mahady through Evergreen Healing Arts and we were asked, as is customary with Yoga Nidra, to choose a sankalpa for the session. A sankulpa is a positive, heartfelt statement to be chosen intuitively and without an undo amount of effort. “I will embrace expansion,” quickly popped up for me.

The next morning, while driving to work, I listened to the next installment of a series I was following on Insight Timer. And what was it about? Expansion!

The signs are everywhere when you have new lessons to learn.

“To the extent to which your consciousness is limited or expanded, is the extent to which you experience being divided or divine.”
~ Erin Fal Haskell

As the summer explodes in blossoms and greenery and birdsong and light, we are witnessing the expansion of nature after it was contracted beneath the ice and stillness. This lighter time of year invites us all to embrace expansion.

What do we each need to expand? Our perspective? Our hope? The circle of people we are connecting with? Our sense of time?

Expansion indeed involves thought and spiritual energy, making conscious decisions to increase our own vibration from moment to moment. But it also loves action.

Expansion can mean moving beyond what we can dream to also include what we can do.

I would invite us each to contemplate both where we need to expand and how that expansion might unfold, beyond thought.

I wish you all a sunny, uplifting, inspiring and expansive summer season!

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