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Resiliency in a Time of Pandemic with Lisa MacLean


Addressing Global and Personal Challenges This four-part, self-paced workshop will provide an opportunity for reflection and to practice wellness enhancing skills to support us in managing stress and building our capacity to cope more effectively. This workshop is about resiliency and not staying stuck in low level emotions, inaction, or a “victim” mentality. We can choose to be co-creators in how we handle the unique stressors we now face as a society as well as the personal stressors in our lives. We will be exploring how to make choices that promote compassionate self-care as well as how to create and enhance resiliency. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be utilizing the strategies and mindsets we have explored to begin the creation of a plan uniquely designed for you to enhance your well-being as you navigate the stressors inherent in life. The lessons can be followed in either an audio or text format and both are yours to keep, as well as the guided audio meditations and printable handouts. The four lessons are: Stress Response, Friend or Foe?--examining the physiological and emotional effects of stress and tools to self-regulate Lifestyle Choices--exploring the impact of various aspects of our life on resiliency Gratitude--learning the latest research on the effects of gratitude and how we can practice it in our own lives Create a Plan--utilizing the tools and strategies we have learned to create goals, actions, and visualizations to aid in living our best lives.




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