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Deep Winter Rest ~ February Blog

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We are deep into midwinter and it’s been a cold one! Happily, that has included some snow. As we head toward this midpoint of winter it is tempting to wish it away—to long for melting snows, spring winds, and early blossoms. However, this time of deep winter offers us the chance to turn inward, to reflect, and, like nature, to germinate the seeds we’ll sow in the coming season.

The opportunity to hibernate a bit may not be so novel due to some of the restrictions COVID has created in our lives. Yet, it’s important not to lose sight of the gifts that even a semi-hibernation can bring.

A time for turning inward and slowing down facilitates the option for more being and less doing. That can be the sweet spot where the seeds of creativity and insight begin to germinate. Being willing to be still enough to hear our own inner voice and to pause long enough before we take action on that voice can reap even richer outcomes than forging ahead at our usual pace and perspective.

So, take that extra time to stare at the falling snow or winter stars, to nap under a cozy quilt, to catch up on light or inspiring reads or films. Nurture your soul and body by taking the time to prepare and enjoy delicious, nutritious foods. Indulge in some self care. Engage with nature and with those you love at a less frenzied pace.

Dream, journal, rest.

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation. ~ Paul Theroux

Let us walk in the white snow in a soundless space with footsteps quiet and slow at a tranquil pace. ~Elinore Wylie

Everybody needs to take some time, in some way, to quiet themselves and really listen to their heart. ~ Jack Kornfield

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Deep Winter Relaxation Meditation
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