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Online Well-Being Series


Fridays, 5:30-6:30 -- April 3-24

through Cow Face Yoga

Please join Lisa for this four part Well-Being Series.

First Week FREE

Drop-in to one or all!

You must sign up ahead of time so that we can send you the Zoom link

Week 1: Coping with Stress during Stressful Times--This workshop will be complimentary and we’ll explore coping with stress during this complicated and unfamiliar time. Beyond the effects of stress, we’ll focus on ways to remain grounded and to feel safe. A guided relaxation will be included. 

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The subsequent 3 sessions will be available for a cost of $15 each. 


Week 2: The Mystery of Sleep--In this session we'll discuss the role and importance of sleep, explore tools for improved sleep, and have an opportunity to try sleep enhancing practices.

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Week 3: The Benefits of Self-Care--In this session we’ll explore how self-care impacts all other aspects of our health and Well-Being and we’ll look at how to develop a plan that best suits you. 

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Week 4: Mindfulness for Well-Being--In our final session we will review and practice mindfulness techniques that can be used formally and informally to help us remain present and grounded. 

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Reiki I and Reiki II Trainings

This event is being rescheduled.

Please let us know if you are interested so we can let you know when new dates are scheduled


Reiki I: Saturday, March 28, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

Reiki II: Saturday, April 25, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Lisa MacLean - Reiki Master Teacher

at Evergreen Yoga, New London, NH


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is hands-on energy work that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and self-healing. Reiki translated means Universal Energy, the life force also known as ki, chi, and prana. Reiki provides a method for connecting this universal energy with the body’s innate ability to heal. The practitioner provides a conduit for the receiver to use this positive force in whatever way they most need. It is widely used in healing arts centers, hospitals, hospice care, and a variety of wellness settings.

Reiki I: In this training you will learn about the Usui Reiki method and applications for Reiki and receive the attunement to empower you to provide Reiki for yourself and others. 

You will have the opportunity to receive and practice Reiki and will receive Reiki Level I certification. 


Investment: $120.00

**See note below about signing up for Reiki I and II at the same time**

Reiki II: Reiki II certification class teaches three ancient, powerful, healing symbols. Highly effective, these symbols support healing and expansion in your Reiki practice. This class provides precise instruction for application of these symbols as well as ample time for hands-on practice and integrating the symbols into Reiki sessions for yourself and others. You will receive a Reiki II Attunement, which further enhances your effectiveness as an advanced Reiki practitioner. You leave class with your Reiki Second Degree Certificate and a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing and transformative powers of Reiki.


Investment: $150.00


Reiki I and II: $255 (if you sign up for both at the same time)


Both trainings have a minimum 3 and maximum 10 students.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water. We will have an hour lunch break so you may bring your lunch with you or feel free to have lunch at any of a number of nearby locations. 

Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Essential Oils

~Renew, Restore, Rejuvenate~

This event is offered on a bi-monthly basis at both Evergreen and Cow Face Yoga (so we teach one a month).

As soon as the studios are up and running again, we'll offer the latest dates.

Please let us know if you are interested so we can let you know when new dates are scheduled

Take some time for self-care and join us for two blissful hours of renewal and reflection of the transition from deep-winter to signs of spring!  Restorative yoga allows your muscles to release and stretch passively with the aid of gravity and props.  As you relax into each posture for several minutes, you will also receive Reiki, a gentle hands-on energy technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation.  Throughout the session a gentle essential oil will be diffused in the air, and in various poses you will be offered specific oils to enhance the relaxation and healing effects of the practice.  This is a joint taught workshop with Reiki practitioners Meghan MacLean, RYT-500, and Lisa MacLean, R.N.

Bringing Yoga to Birth

A Two-Part Birth Education Workshop

This event is being rescheduled.

Please let us know if you are interested so we can let you know when new dates are scheduled.

We may move to an online class via Zoom.


~ Yoga Postures, Breath, Relaxation, and Theory

to Empower You and Your Birth Partner in the Labor and Delivery Process ~


Workshop includes a booklet with practices for all of the above as well as handouts with tips for the prenatal and postnatal stages

Wednesday, April 29, 6–8 • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Birth & Postures for Prenatal and Early Labor

Wednesday, May 13, 6–8 • Postures and Preparation for Active Labor, Transition, and Pushing

Investment: $100 (this includes a birth partner—strongly encouraged but not required)

*Please contact Meghan if cost is prohibitive—an empowered birth experience is your right!*

**You are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions but if, for some reason, you are unable, please let Meghan know and we can work something out.**


This two-part workshop will begin with a brief general discussion followed by a sampling of useful breath practices and yoga postures in a flowing style. Discussion of how these and other practices might be used leading up to and during the first stages of giving birth will follow. The second session will focus on the postures and tips most useful for later stages of labor as well as continued focus on breathwork and relaxation techniques. In both sessions birth partners will be shown how to physically and verbally assist in comfort techniques as well as be given tips about when to jump in and when to give space. Additional tools, such as essential oils and acupressure, will also be discussed as well as some information about strengthening and caring for yourself during the prenatal and postnatal phases. Both sessions will end with a relaxation for all. Accompanying resources for the practices and postures are included so that you can practice at home and apply them to your pregnancy and individual birth plan as works for you! The sessions are progressive so you will get the most out of the material by attending both.

(Note: Minimum of 3 students/pairs to hold the class.)

Past Events and Workshops

​​​Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Community is important during this time of uncharted waters, give yourself and your baby the gift of taking the time to share, strengthen, and relax through yoga

​This gentle practice is safe throughout your pregnancy (clearing any medical issues with your care provider) and is great for new, postnatal mamas as well. This class is open to those who have never tried yoga, those who have been practicing yoga forever but need to adapt their practice to their changing bodies, and everyone in between. We begin each 75 minute practice with an informal group discussion about what you're experiencing and will experience during labor, birth, and infancy. Then we will move into postures to strengthen, open, and connect to your changing body (and your baby). We will end class with restorative postures and guided relaxation. 

International Women's Day

Donation Based Flow and Restore

Celebrate International Women's Day (and Meghan's Birthday) by donating to the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire

In this donation-based class we will celebrate International Women's Day by donating to The Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire, which provides advocacy and support for victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Merrimack County. 

This class will focus on empowering the feminine side in all of us. Each of us contains masculine and feminine energies that can become personally and culturally imbalanced. Through postures, breathwork, and meditation we will draw out the compassion, creativity, and strength of the divine feminine. This class is open to women and men, and teens and tweens are especially encouraged to join us! Sign up early to reserve your spot as space will be limited.

The Mystery of Sleep Workshop

Learn about the purpose of sleep, causes of sleep disturbance, and tools for enhancing beneficial rest. An opportunity for restful practice will be included!


Meditation and Mindfulness Series

In each week of this four-week series you will be introduced to different mindfulness, meditation, and breathing practices through a mixture of theory, practice, and techniques to apply these to daily life. Co-taught by integrative health and wellness educator Lisa MacLean, RN, BS, MEd, and yoga instructor Meghan MacLean, RYT-500, each class will begin with a little mindful movement to prepare the body and mind to learn and receive followed by discussion of theory and philosophy and ending in practice of the techniques discussed.

Please note that we need a minimum of 4 students to hold the program and a maximum of 12, so sign up early!

Baby Yoga 6-Week Series
For Babies 8-weeks to Crawling with Caregiver

Baby and Me Yoga is a gentle, nurturing class for baby and caregiver. Classes are made up of
beneficial yoga movements, infant massage, and songs for baby as well as a few stretches for
caregivers. This bonding experience encourages emotional and physical development, aids in
digestion, and helps promote good sleep. This is a laid back, supportive environment focused
on building community and creating a safe space to share and connect with other caregivers.
Soothing crying babies, changing diapers, and feeding baby in class is the norm. Please bring
a baby blanket and a small toy. Dress yourself and baby comfortably for gentle movement.


No prior yoga experience required.

**Second caregiver welcome**

Toddler Yoga

Six-Week Yoga Series for Toddlers and Caregivers 

~Little yogis and their caretakers are introduced to yoga with songs, movement, and fun~

This class is geared toward new walkers to 36 months but crawlers and older toddlers are welcome too! Toddlers are on the move and this laid-back class creates an environment for movement, song, interaction, and play through the framework of yoga. Repetition is an important learning tool for young children, which is why this series model works best for this age group. The class will practice the yoga balance between structure and flexibility as caregivers take cues from their toddler. As the weeks continue, toddlers may start to become familiar with poses and find deeper body awareness. Other benefits of yoga for toddlers may include: bonding with caregiver(s), increasing attention span, creating an outlet for emotions, and nurturing creativity.

Feel free to bring a toy or lovey if this will make your child more comfortable and come in comfy clothes.

Partner Yoga Workshop

Bring a friend to have some fun with partner poses in this all-levels class

Join us for a restful and playful practice with a friend or partner. Students are guided through a centering and warm-up for the first portion, then the group will increase relational awareness with partner postures. This is a laid back atmosphere to remind you of the importance of play, fun, and interconnectedness as parts of your practice. 


Children’s Yoga

6-Week Series 


Children’s yoga classes create a fun, laid back environment for learning about the concepts of yoga. Classes can be adjusted for any age group from tot to teen and include:

 • Asana (poses or postures): Children are exposed to a variety of postures and are given the opportunity to use their imaginations to create new ones. Posture work helps students create strength, flexibility, controlled bodies, and calmed minds.

• Pranayama (breathing): The breath is the most important way yoga increases the mind-body connection. The breath helps even the youngest yoga students learn to focus and relax. Yoga students learn different ways to breath to help them feel calm or to energize them as needed.

• Music and Sound: Rhythms, songs, hand movements, and sound combinations help yoga students’ concentration, coordination, communication, and movement.

• Relaxation: Every yoga class ends with a guided relaxation that helps get rid of physical tension and mental stress (yes, even children have this).

• FUN: Children will gain confidence, focus, and body awareness and have a great time learning to breathe and flowing from posture to posture.



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