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Autumn Blog-Time for Homework!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

As I write this, it is Labor Day weekend. The beautiful weekend weather has succumbed to a rainy Labor Day. A bit of a symbol that things are ready to change. Although the summer officially doesn’t end until nearly the end of September, in New England we all really know the transition happens after Labor Day weekend! 

All the schools and colleges are back in session, the nights fall earlier and the mornings start to be downright chilly. We all seem to begin to shift. Even though January 1st is the official start of a new year, this is also a time of new beginnings. Some of this shift involves leaving behind some of our carefree summer activities and routines and entering a time that seems a bit more focused. 

As we buckle down to a new phase, new routines, and the sense of a “new school year”, maybe it’s time for us to do a little homework as well! 

Unlike the requirements of school students, we have the option to pick a “subject” that might be closer to our own hearts. 

So I invite you this month to contemplate where you’d like to focus your “homework” energy. If math is your thing, maybe it’s a great time to start a new budget. Perhaps you loved consumer science and are ready to overhaul a section of your home or sort through your recipe collections. For literature buffs, consider starting a book club. This could be with just one other friend, a partner, or a group. For the PE enthusiasts maybe it’s time to have a new exercise routine or plan some fall adventures that might include hikes, a kayak, or a fall running race. Arts and crafts buffs can start planning for holiday projects involving  decorating or gift creation,  and autumn is also  a lovely time to bring your easel and watercolors outdoors. For those skilled in the technical arts a building project might be in order. History lovers could organize photos and work on genealogies. For those who love to write, journaling or just having fun with some self-composed essays can be a great way to help you focus and explore your inner workings.

So take this month to enjoy a little “homework”- something you think will satisfy your soul and expand your mind. 

For my part, I am looking forward to joining together again with my book group this month for a rousing discussion, as we’ve been on “summer break”. 

Have fun and enjoy this beautiful season with renewed purpose, focus and joy! 

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