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Fall into a colorful, renewed you!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

For many, autumn is a time of renewal--often prompting fresh intentions, new levels of energy, and a clarity of purpose. While only some return to the patterns of “school,” as students, educators, or parents, it feels like most of us still experience the transition from the more relaxed vibe of summer to a season of more structure and sharper focus.

As the air cools and the colors pop, our thoughts turn to our own transitions and hopes for this pseudo-new year.

What projects and plans have you been inspired to engage with? I know that for me, along with home projects and a renewed zest for hikes in non-tropical temperatures, I’m inspired to be more aware of my interactions with the people outside of my immediate circle.

This was prompted by a wonderful conversation I had with a “stranger” in the grocery store recently. This elderly women initiated the conversation to say she’d seen me taking a walk just before we both started our shopping and she liked the color of my clothes. We ended up in a 10 minute conversation about some of her childhood memories, how she’d liked that I was smiling on my walk and how sad she was earlier in the day due to a grouchy reaction from a sales clerk. She remarked that she was feeling sad about how the world felt to her lately.

It took little time to stop, listen, and interact with another human being, but we both walked away feeling so much better about positive human contact.

It’s so easy these days to feel overwhelmed with all that’s happening around us. So easy to forget that we can share smiles, even with a mask on. Too easy to overlook the things that bind us together because of the things that are all too often separating us.

I’ve had occasion, recently, to take the sense of connection that woman offered and pay it forward. And it’s felt really good each time.

I encourage you this season to take some time to ponder not just what you hope to accomplish for your home and health, but also for your spirit.

As you look out at the vibrant colors be inspired--to be inspired is to be “in spirit”!

The myriad colors remind us of the significance of variety and difference. The brilliance and shortness of this season reminds us that there’s no time to waste. Embrace the lessons and let yourself shine!

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