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Flowers and Wind

Let us all be like the Earth, let us cast away the darkness of Winter and embrace the wonder of green growing things. May we find delight in that which blooms around us and let us never forget our responsibility to this place we call home.
~Jason Mankey

It’s May Day! And the first day it has actually felt like spring, really more like summer! It’s been a long wait.

And so we are rewarded – for our patience, for our longing, for remembering that this too shall pass.

The changing of the seasons is a reflection of our own internal winds of change.

When our mood darkens, it can feel like an abyss from which there is no retreat. And then one day we notice the light has returned. Or perhaps it even happens within the space of an hour. Moods come and go.

So it is even with our thoughts. We need to remember they are not always true and accurate. Too often we listen to them as the only truth and forget the art of perspective. And our emotions follow our thoughts.

We have so much to learn from Nature—
What true beauty is.
That the sun follows the rain and the light follows the darkness.
And also vice versa.
That what appears as barren is often filled with life beneath, just waiting for the right time to make its appearance.
That death can be filled with brilliant colors and that new beginnings often start in muted tones.
That the sound of a snowflake can often be as beautiful as the song of a bird.
That all things must pass.

Spring, then Summer, will fade again. But for now, let us rejoice in the light and warmth, the winds of change and the bounty of Earth’s new gifts.

Don’t forget to cherish Her gifts with loving care.

Now, go pick some flowers and dance in the wind!

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