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Wonder and Joy

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The holiday season is a time of joy and wonder. A time to focus on family and friends. It’s a time for welcoming old traditions and for renewed faith in the power of human connection.

As we continue to struggle with the unknowns and disappointments of the pandemic, what’s most familiar and comforting about the holidays can feel lost.

Traditions are once again canceled or revised, loved ones are lost, and our sense of excitement is challenged.

Like so many times in the past two years, we may have to reach deep to find our bearings. Once again, we may need to look in new places.

Perhaps in watching a winter sunrise over the evergreens presiding over the squirrels foraging for their holiday feast. A large gathering may be replaced with a cup of tea and a long phone call with an old friend. Maybe we worry less about finding the perfect gift and instead strive more to be the perfect gift.

The Christmas lights we see this year could shine even more brightly.

The times we do share with those we love may feel all the more sacred. The hope that flutters in our souls may be more essential than ever.

Let’s choose to let every moment of joy and celebration resonate for us and bring us strength.

And in the words of John Denver, “May you know the warmth of love and wrap it all around you.”

Wishing you many blessings and joys this holiday season, and peace and hope in the new year.

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